Quality Certification

Quality Standards

Alba Lighting maintains a set of Quality Standards that set a baseline level of quality, durability, and truth-in-advertising to protect consumers. The Standards are a baseline requirement for participation in Lighting Global support programs.

Conformance with the Quality Standards is evaluated based on results from laboratory testing according to the Quality Test Method (QTM) as defined by IEC/TS 62257-9-5. The tests are conducted at an approved, third-party test center using randomly-procured samples. To receive a Lighting Global Standardized Specifications Sheet, a product must meet the Quality Standards in an initial round of tests. We may follow up with Market Check Testing to ensure that products on the market continue to meet the Standards; if the product fails this testing, its Standardized Specifications Sheets (SSS) is withdrawn.

Key aspects of the Lighting Global Quality Standards:

  • Truth in Advertising: Advertising and marketing materials accurately reflect tested product performance.
  • Durability: Product is appropriately protected from water exposure and physical ingress and survives being dropped.
  • System Quality: Product passes a visual wiring and assembly inspection.
  • Lumen Maintenance: Product maintains at least 85% of initial light output after 2,000 hours of operation.
  • Warranty:A one-year (or longer) retail warranty is available.


Quality Certification standards :